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SC Creative is service aimed at creative young people aged 16 and under. This is mostly aimed at students that specifically suffer from social anxieties, attendance issues, social/emotional difficulties etc. We focus on the young persons creative interests as an alternative way to aid their learning. All staff hold an enhanced DBS, are onsite at all times during the school day, keeping close supervision of the young people in attendance, mentoring and helping them in any way they can.

 "This initiative gives young people that may not follow common stereotypes a way of expressing their creativity, improving on general life skills, and supporting their next step in education. We offer unconventional subjects which grab interest of the students and produce high quality work."            


The young people who attend SC Creative are from a variety of different schools, our main referrals are based in the London Borough of Sutton although we consider all locations. Personal development being the main focus, we closely supervise and monitor the students progress from when they join us to the time they leave. One thing that is vitally important, is determining whether or not the student is fitting to SC Creative to ensure the best progression possible. To ensure this, prior to attending, SC Creative will meet/interview the young person and discuss their hobbies and creative interests or alternatively invite them for a taster day. We offer placements on a daily, weekly, full academic term or year, providing valuable respite, on the basis that they are fitting to the program here at SC Creative.

For more information on referrals please visit the page or email


SC Creative runs 5 days a week 9:30am-2:00pm, following public school term dates. Staff are onsite at all times during the school day, keeping close supervision of the young people in attendance, mentoring and helping them in any way they can. There is also a 1 to 1 service available for students with more complex needs. Sporting Chances: Creative follows the UK term time calendar, but also runs workshops/days during the half terms and holidays.

Subjects  &  Activities

'Creative' is what we are about. What we offer at Sporting Chances: Creative is forever changing so be sure to enquire about anything specific you are looking for or if you require more information please email


Below is a list of some of the opportunities we offer:

- English Literature

- Creative Writing

- Library Facilities

- Art Design

- Media Production

- Gaming & Video Development

- Educational Tuition (English & Maths in line with school)

- Basic Physical Exercise

- Information Technology

- Film Studies

- Life Skills

-Personalised Development Plans

We offer SC Unit Awards and Certificates to be achieved throughout the placements. Click here for more information.

We also have alternative services available upon request:

- CBT Therapy

- 1 to 1 Mentoring 

Sporting Chances: Creative is a unique alternative provision offering  unconventional learning opportunities for young people to specifically focus on their creative interests. Under the Sporting Chances umbrella we still follow the same rules and regulations in line with the Every Child Matters policies. If you're looking for a safe, friendly, and positively engaging environment then Sporting Chances: Creative is the place for you.

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