Established in 2013, Sporting Chances began as an alternative education provision for young people 16 and under that may have emotional, behavioral or medical conditions preventing them from conforming to mainstream school. Now with a bigger, more established foundation Sporting Chances is growing to become one of the leading alternative providers in the UK.

We believe that every child requires a different understanding. Here at our education provisions, we welcome new students with open arms with the intention of building a successful rapport to see if they are fitting to our program and which area. With this we encourage them to reach their full potential, challenge them and improve their personal skills through activities and sport.  Through our affiliates and links, we also work alongside many other establishments providing opportunities for individuals to excel, these include work placements, apprenticeships, mentoring, access to further education and much more. 

Education Provisions

Sporting Chances is an extension of the previous 'DJ Outreach' a successful mentoring service which the time had come to expand on. The founders of Sporting Chances had a number of beliefs and outcomes. It was felt that these could be achieved through sports. However being called ’Sporting Chances’ it is not just Sport that we focus on.​ Our latest developments offer services covering a range of different learning areas. All of our  provisions accommodate different types of students depending on their interests. 

Internal Accreditations

Whilst supporting and mentoring the young people, Sporting Chances offers learners to complete Sporting Chances certifictes in their time with us. These help towards confidence, self-esteem and provide an engaging challenge for the young people to accomplish. Available upon request, we offer a wide variety in the following areas;

The subjects areas are constantly evolving, as is what we offer across the board at our provisions. If you require any more information regarding SC please see our contact page.



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